This winter enjoy and explore the secret corners of the Maltese islands where summer never ends! You’ll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving and a history of remarkable intensity.

Here’s a Taste of What to Expect

01-12-2019 to 06-01-2020

Christmas and New Year

Christmas is a highly celebrated festivity in Malta and Gozo, both for its religious significance a well as in its more social aspect. The season is celebrated to its fullest on the Maltese Islands, with the active participation of many; Nativity scenes, displays of cribs, carol services and other events are organised in each locality.

01-12-2019 to 06-01-2020

Valletta Baroque Festival

The 8th edition of the Valletta Baroque Festival will once more feature top-notch artists, both from Malta and abroad, performing wonderful music from Monteverdi to Bach & beyond.

01-12-2019 to 06-01-2020

Carnival week

February brings along the carnival week, which takes on a traditional pattern; extravagantly coloured floats are perched on lorries ready for the procession, children running around in fancy costumes and Malta’s main nightlife centre, Paceville, catching the late night carnival goers who pile into the clubs and bars, still wearing their outrageous outfits.

Adventure breaks in Malta & Gozo

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