Packing appropriately for Maltese weather may prove to be a little tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 essentials to bring along. Discover more.

The winter season has finally hit the Maltese Islands.

Well for most tourists, Maltese wintertime may not feel like proper winter. Golden rays continue streaming through the clouds, although we still get our fair share of wind and rain. Packing appropriately for Maltese weather may prove to be a little tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 essentials to bring along with you on your holiday to Malta . 

1. T-shirts 

Before mentioning anything on the list, a vital tip is to layer, layer and layer! You might wake up to a nippy morning breeze but as soon as the sun comes out, get ready for some t-shirt weather. Therefore, be sure to pack quite a few tee’s and make the most of the warm sunny rays when the sun is shining (which is most of the time!).  

Packing Winter Malta

2. Knitwear

We’re talking about jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and knits, which means anything that keeps you cosy. It’s important to get a mix of thin and thick knitwear and to alternate depending on the weather that day. 

Malta Packing Winter

3. Water/ Wind Proof Jackets

Carrying around one of these in your bags is crucial. Since Malta is an island right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s pretty common to get strong gusts of wind in certain places. Make sure it’s light and easy to carry around!

4. Closed Shoes

Contrary to belief, us ‘Maltesers’ do not wear sandals all year round. Actually, there’s some kind of relief when switching to closed shoe comfort, after a summer of exposing our bare feet to the outside world. Since you’re bound to do quite a lot of sightseeing, closed shoes do not only keep your feet dry, but also comfortable! 

Both Malta and her beautiful sister island, Gozo, have wonderful trekking paths with incredible views. If you’re a fan of hiking, be sure to pack appropriate shoes and experience the charming countryside whilst breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air. 

Malta Winter


A small compact Umbrella will definitely help you stay dry during Malta’s wetter periods, be it from the rain or the sea spray. 

Malta Packing

6. Sunblock & Sunglasses

Although the cool winter winds freshen up the Island of sunshine, it’s still important to protect your skin from the strong UV rays. You should definitely buy a good bottle of Sunblock – which you are very likely to find at any local convenience store or pharmacy Be sure to remember your sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright sunny rays!

7. Swimwear

Although the weather will be chilly, on a sunny day some of the braver souls may dare to take a dip in the sea. Alternatively, there are also various spas and indoor pools for anybody looking for a relaxing day in.

Now that you’ve got your suitcase sorted, book your flights to Malta for a fun Winter Holiday experience. Air Malta offers free 20 kg worth of luggage space, with an extra 10 kg hand luggage, so pack up and stay snug!