From pastizzi to hobz biz-zejt to imqaret, these are the best street food you must try during your holidays in Malta. Discover more here!

Have you or will you book flights to Malta? Great idea. While you may have been motivated to visit the Maltese Islands for the stunning beaches, warm climate, rich history and vibrant nightlife scene, we’re here to remind you there’s yet another reason you should hop on a plane to Malta ASAP- Maltese cuisine, of course!

Let us introduce you to some of Malta’s most appetising street food bites you’ll be indulging in during your holidays in Malta!



Inarguably one of Malta’s most iconic cheap street eats is the humble pastizzi! The ultimate champion of a quick bite on the go, pastizzi are stuffed mini pastry parcels. Try them in classic flavours such as ricotta or peas, or slightly fancier variants such as chicken or for those with a sweet tooth- Nutella. You won’t have to stray too far; pastizzi shops are adorned on most corners of urban Malta!



These savoury delights are also available from your nearest pastizzi shop. Qassatat – small ricotta or pea pies – have been part of Malta’s food history since the time of the Knights of St John.  You will notice  Qassatat are much bigger and rounder than their pastizzi cousins.  They are available in three key flavours; pea, ricotta or spinach. Historically, the latter was traditionally sold during Advent, Lent and specific days of the week, such as Fridays, when the Church prohibited meat and milk products.

Ftira Ghawdxija (Gozitan style pizza)

gozitan ftira

Image Copyright: ViewingMalta

This heavenly take on pizza is well worthy of a trip to Gozo alone. Made in traditional bakeries, the Gozitan ftira is crammed full of toppings, and of course lots of local seasonal produce. Expect plenty of capers, potatoes, Maltese sausage, ġbejniet cheese and juicy tomatoes.

Hobz biz zejt

maltese bread

Translated to bread with oil, hobz biz zejt is a cultural rite of passage when in Malta. Picnic? Hobz biz-zejt. Appetiser? Hobz biz zejt. Beach day? Hobz biz-zejt. Just about every social occasion lends itself to hobz biz zejt. Freshly baked ftira bread, lashings of kunserva, capers, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil and voila you have your mouth-watering hobz biz zejt.


maltese bigilla dip

No trip to Malta is complete without sampling some fresh bigilla. Often found as part of an antipasti platter, bigilla is a dip comprised of broad beans. How is this bigilla a street eat we hear you ask? Well, Malta has its very own bigilla trucks weaving through the small towns and villages delivering oodles of fresh bigilla (you’ll hear an announcement through a megaphone first). Form an orderly queue!



For those looking for the next sugar rush, just walk through Valletta’s bus station, and you may catch a whiff of these deep-fried date delights. Many vendors sell imqaret at the small kiosks, though you can also find them at the traditional village feasts or certain restaurants.

Fruit and vegetable vans

prickly pear

All across the Maltese Isles, you’ll find grocers vans parked up selling fresh fruit and veg, though don’t delay they often move on after a few hours. Traditionally many of these are, in fact, the farmers themselves selling their wares straight from the fields. Malta’s delightful warm climate lends itself well for a variety of fruits you may not have encountered before, try loquats, plums, figs or prickly pears! 

With a wealth of traditional dishes waiting to be devoured during your holidays in Malta, keep your eyes peeled (or should we say tastebuds!) for some gastronomical treats!