Easter in Malta is a special time of year as you get the chance to experience the traditions of the Maltese islands in their purest form. Discover more!

Easter in Malta is a truly magical time of year. Even if you are not religious yourself, or you adhere to a different faith, this time of year is a wonderful time to experience the traditions of the Maltese islands. So, if you are considering booking flights to Malta this year, then consider coming at the end of March to the beginning of April so that you can experience what Holy Week in Malta is all about.

Spending Holy Week and Easter in Malta

The Food

The Maltese love their food and the Easter celebrations are no exception. Asides from all the chocolate and traditional Easter eggs, you can enjoy a great selection of seasonal tasty treats. Figolla is a popular sweet – a biscuit filled with almond paste, covered in delicious icing and shaped to resemble Easter-themed symbols. You simply must pack a couple of these in your suitcase on your way home! 

Another popular dish is Easter lamb that is often served with roasted onions, garlic and rosemary complete with roast potatoes and seasonal veg. You can spot a bit of the British influence as well as hot-cross buns are very popular during the Easter period and are best enjoyed piping hot with lashings of butter.

The Church

As Easter is a holiday traditionally associated with the Church, you can imagine that each local church takes the Easter celebrations very seriously. Each parish will decorate its local church with palm leaves and flowers and numerous processions and special services will take place during Holy Week and Easter itself. 

Spending Holy Week and Easter in Malta

Some of these processions involve the lighting of candles and torches, and some followers even crawl after the statues which are carried, as a sign of sacrifice and respect. For those that have not experienced anything like this before, it is truly a fascinating experience. Some of the best processions you can attend are in Valletta, Zebbug, and Xaghra in Gozo, which attract thousands of visitors and locals every year.

The Celebrations

After the somewhat sombre mood of the run up to Easter, Easter Sunday is the day where everyone really lets their hair down. The place to be for this is Birgu, where thousands of people take to the streets and party, celebrate and be merry. 

Spending Holy Week and Easter in Malta

You can also note the tradition or a group of local men who take a statue of the Risen Christ and run with it up to the top of a hill. It truly is a sight to behold, and then you can party away until the early hours of the morning whilst enjoying traditional Maltese band music.

Easter in Malta is a magical time of year and the celebrations are among some of the best on the annual calendar on the islands. Celebrate Easter in style and jubilance this year in Malta!