Oliver Reed is known as a true character, an excellent actor, and a cultural legend. He also happens to have a strong connection to Malta. Find out more!

Oliver Reed is known as a true character, an excellent actor, and a cultural legend, but did you also know that he had a pretty strong connection to Malta? So strong in fact that if you come on your holidays in Malta, you can actually visit the bar he had his last drink in before he passed away on the 2nd of May 1999. Situated in the capital city of Valletta, The Pub is a quaint and quiet bar in a shaded back street where you can sit and enjoy some local beverages and soak up the history around you.

Oliver Reed Life and His Connection to Malta

Who was Oliver Reed?

Robert Oliver Reed was born in the UK on the 13th of February 1938 and was well known for his upper class “macho” image, as well as his wild lifestyle. Some of his most notable roles included films such as The Trap, playing Bill Sykes in Oliver, Athos in The Three Musketeers, Castaway, and of course, for playing Antonius Proximo in Ridley Scott’s biopic, Gladiator.

His Rise to Fame

Born in London, he came from a family with several ties to acting and the media, and he also claimed to be a descendant of Peter the Great, the famous Tsar of Russia. After completing military service as a young man, he started his acting career playing small parts in television shows before winning a couple of speaking parts in movies. He then began to appear in Hammer Horror films which is how he made his name. He then became known for being cast in Michael Winner films. It wasn’t until he was cast in the Oscar winning movie Oliver that he really became a household name.

Oliver Reed Life and His Connection to Malta

His Sad Demise

He was then cast in his final role in the film Gladiator, part of which was filmed in and around Malta. One night, during a break in filming he was enjoying the first drink in months at a bar in the heart of the city. After being pressured into a drinking competition (where he consumed 8 pints of beer, 12 double rums, and half a bottle of whiskey), he suffered a fatal heart attack. His unpaid bar bill has been framed and can be seen behind the bar, and his body was laid to rest in Churchtown, County Cork in Ireland.

The Pub has since become an unofficial shrine to Reed, with fans and film enthusiasts coming from far and wide to have a drink and pay their respects to this star of the silver screen. For those that wish to do the same, The Pub is located the end of Republic Street and is in walking distance of many beautiful sights, sounds, and architectural wonders.