A trip to Malta is not complete without tasting the true flavours of Malta. Read our guide to find out how to prepare the most delicious Maltese platter!

Malta is famous for its food but one of the staple dishes on the island is the oh-so-famous Maltese platter. Why pick just one meal when you can pick lots of little ones together? If you are booking flights to Malta this summer, and want to whip up a little something to satiate your appetite, this is the Air Malta guide to preparing the most delicious Maltese platter.


maltese bread

Malta is famous for its bread, or ‘ħobż’ as the locals call it, and you are unlikely to find bread like it anywhere else except for on the island. Ever so slightly oily to the touch, bubbly, and light with a big, thick, crust, Maltese bread is one of the most delicious and moreish things you will ever put in your mouth. No platter is complete without it and remember, if carbs are bad, then I don’t want to be right.


Due to its Mediterranean climate, Malta is the perfect place to grow delicious, succulent olives. With a distinct nutty and slightly bitter taste, Maltese olives come in all sizes, as well as green, black, and a sort of reddish brown colour and can come complete with stone, or stuffed with anchovy paste or peppers. Stock up on lots of each type to perfectly compliment your snack.


maltese cheeselet

Maltese goat cheese or ‘ġbejna’ comes in compact little circles, either plain, or coated in crushed black pepper. They are deliciously tart with a soft and crumbly texture and go perfectly with a nice beer or glass of local wine. Salty and tasty, these little treats are a must-have as a part of any self-respecting Maltese platter.

Maltese sausage

maltese sausage

A spicy, heavily seasoned pork sausage, you can eat these cooked or even raw (if they are fresh and you dare) and they pair up well with water biscuits or Maltese bread. Laced with lashings of garlic and pepper, these deliciously meaty morsels will work up quite a thirst, so make sure you have plenty of liquids on standby. Don’t make a platter without them!

Sundried tomatoes

Again, due to Malta’s impressive 3000 hours of sunshine every year, the Maltese have become expert tomato growers. Every vegetable shop you visit will entice you with fat, ripe, and juicy tomatoes. The taste of these exquisite fruits is amplified even more when they are dried to perfection, creating an explosion of taste and titillating flavour that will keep you reaching for more. 


maltese bigilla

A true Maltese classic, bigilla, is made of beans mashed with oil and garlic, and sometimes sprinkled with herbs and chili. This is a staple of any Maltese person’s fridge and can be eaten all year round and with practically anything. Malta’s answer to hummus should be used as a paste on your bread or biscuits, before having all of the above piled on top of it. Delicious!

Water biscuits

With all these big flavours going on, you need something a little bit simple to sooth your taste buds and water biscuits are just the thing. Small, circular, dry biscuits, these are perfect for layering up with sumptuous morsels and devouring in a matter of moments.

So, during your holidays in Malta, put all of these items on a plate in plentiful proportions, crack open a beverage of your choice, and sit back and enjoy the delectable tastes of Malta! .