Have you tried any of these well loved Maltese food brands?

For an island nation of just 27km long, Malta is deeply proud of its gastronomy, not to mention the place has its fair share of iconic brands! Some have even made it as far as Australia!

You can ask most Maltese people what they miss when they leave these shores, and you can bet one of these names might make the cut! Read on to discover more about some of the nation’s top household brands, how many will you try during your holidays in Malta?


This classic bittersweet drink is the perfect accompaniment to a Maltese alfresco evening. Slightly orangey, slightly peppery, and dubbed the “Mediterranean classic”, Kinnie will certainly be a highlight of your trip to Malta.  This carbonated soft drink is brewed from bitter oranges and extracts of wormwood. Kinnie is brown in colour and served straight or mixed with alcohol.



Malta’s favourite snack, Twistees is a classic go-to savoury staple. Produced by Darrell Lee Foods in Marsa and originally established by Ray Calleja over 50 years ago, the rice-based snack soon gained popularity as one of the first to be baked and not fried locally. The most favoured are the classic cheese flavour, but you can also find Twistees Lite, Chicken and Smokey barbecue.



Found in abundance across the Isles, Cisk Lager is a golden-coloured, bottom-fermented lager with a distinctive and well-balanced character, with its recipe remaining unchanged since 1929. Made by the award-winning Farsons Brewery, you can also find variants on the classic Cisk such as the low carb Cisk Excel, and fruity summer flavours such as Cisk Chill lemon, ginger & lime and berry

Devon Biscuits

Devon brand

Devon biscuits remind many Maltese of afternoon tea with nanna, though the brand also bears crackers, galletti and plenty of other nibbles! So, should you get a sweet craving when in Malta, why not reach for the bourbon creams, digestives or choc chip cookies!



This famous dairy has been providing milk to Maltese households for generations. You can also find an extensive range of yoghurts and cheeses. The brand name “Benna” originates from the Maltese word “bnin”, meaning wholesome, and refers to the high nutrient value of fresh milk products. Fresh milk is collected every day from around 63 farms in Malta and another 32 in Gozo.

The milk is not sterilised but pasteurised to keep its fresh taste. Nowadays, Benna Dairy has branched into markets such as lactose-free and the popular colourful Benna milkshake series. There’s plenty of lovely ones to try, but coconut is our favourite!

With the generous Air Malta baggage allowances, why not take some Maltese goodies home to share with your family and friends?

Apart from these iconic brands, visitors to Malta can indulge in a long list of delicious traditional food, starting from the savoury pastizzi and hobz biz zejt, all the way to the sweet qaghaq tal-ghasel and imqaret, amongst others. Book your flights to Malta now and get ready to relish all the flavours of the Maltese islands!