The Malta National Aquarium will feature 26 tanks and over 175 different species of fish spread over 20,000 square meters.

Malta National Aquarium

Malta has always been known for its friendly people, glorious weather, baking sunshine, refreshing waters, its history, its culture and laid back lifestyle. This summer a new attraction is coming to the Maltese Islands, supported by the Maltese Tourism Authority., It is just another reason why you should come and visit Malta.

I am talking about Malta’s National Aquarium, its doors recently opened to the public for the first time and it features 26 tanks and over 175 different species of fish. Spread over 20,000 square meters the complex includes a public garden, ample parking, facilities for local dive schools and catering facilities including a bespoke beach club with an inviting infinity pool appropriately named ‘Cafe Del Mar‘ as well as tourist services and souvenirs available.

The main tank in Malta’s National Aquarium will become the home for various species from the Indian Ocean including two varieties of shark species. Approximately 12 meters in diameter the main tank will also include a water tunnel allowing visitors to walk through and feel a real sense of immersion in this underwater world. Amongst others, there will also be a selection of Mediterranean fish, commonly found in Maltese waters with replicas of historical artefacts that surround the Maltese sea floor.

Additional features at the complex include an exhibition space, touch pools, veterinary and quarantine facilities and a class room facility. The public garden will also provide various other recreational activities.

The Malta National Aquarium is not just a tourist attraction; it will also be used for research and conservation programs that will focus on local endemic endangered marine and fresh water species. The main goal is to increase knowledge about the habitats these creatures live in and explore ways in which to save endangered species from extension

Qawra was the location chosen for Malta’s National Aquarium.  This  town is located in the North-East of Malta and remains popular with tourists all year round. One can also find many restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and a casino in the vicinity.

The Malta Aquarium is looking set to be an exceptional entertainment facility that is both educational and will become one of the leading entities for the preservation of marine life and its environment. I personally can’t wait to see so many wonderful species of fish while staying completely dry!

Author: Adam Claffey
Photography: Malta National Aquarium & Stephanie Ghio