Malta has been named one of the 10 best diving spots in Europe. Discover more…

Malta has been named one of the top diving spots in Europe by the online scuba diving magazine, Dive In. Being a tiny archipelago in the middle of the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean, it’s easy to see why. As the summer months approach, and the weather gets warmer, there’s no better time to go diving in Malta and experience the lush underwater world that surrounds the islands! Dive In mentioned two specific spots that are a must for anyone with a love for scuba diving.

The Azure Window

The first being The Blue Hole and the Azure Window in Gozo. Dive In mentioned that “This is a dive that gives you the best of diving in Europe, great swim throughs, schools of bream, damsels, moray eels and parrot fish passing by”. This is a beautiful location with just as much to offer above the water as it does below. The Azure Window itself is a breath-taking natural arch that almost acts as a doorway welcoming you to the stunning waters that lie beyond. Scuba diving here begins at The Blue Hole, a deep abyss that leads down through the Azure Window. A variety of colourful and diverse fauna and flora awaits only a few metres beneath the surface. This truly is a must for anyone visiting Gozo!

“This is a dive that gives you the best of diving in Europe, great swim throughs, schools of bream, 

damsels, moray eels and parrot fish passing by” – Dive In

Anchor Bay 

The second diving spot mentioned is Anchor Bay, located by the quaint Popeye Village. This charming little faux village was created for the set of the iconic 1980s Popeye movie. Much like the rest of Malta, this location consists of two worlds: what you see above the water and what lies in wait beneath the waves. This is the ideal location for a training dive for beginners or as a tune-up dive for those who are feeling a bit rusty. As well as the various marine life, divers will find an enormous anchor in the briny depths, hence the name Anchor Bay. For more experienced divers there are also many underwater caves to explore.

Dive In also referenced Malta as one of the best wreck diving spots in Europe.The Maltese seafloor is rich with debris from decades past with many old shipwrecks and fighter planes nestled among the rocks and sands. Over the years, aquatic life such as moray eels, barracudas and octopus have made these ruins their home. The experience really is a humbling one.

Malta is a great spot for wreck diving. The P29 is one of the wrecks you have to dive at, it’s an old German patrol boat that’s now resting on the bottom for a great dive” – Dive In

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