With Malta International Airport finally reopening its doors this week, as a consequence of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, you may be wondering what’s in store if you are travelling- or if Malta is a safe destination to visit. While of course, we must monitor the situation day by day, and the Maltese Islands are not free of the virus, let’s take a look at why Minister of Tourism, Julia Farrugia Portelli has declared Malta as “The safest country in Europe to welcome back tourists.”

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Malta was one of the first to go into lockdown mode- and the people listened

After carefully analyzing the rapid onset of COVID-19, Malta didn’t delay in being one of the first countries to close its borders, and one to impose restrictions to the general public. Of course, this came as a huge sacrifice to those living on the islands, with schools closed until autumn, many people losing work, unable to visit relatives, or adapting to teleworking.

The WHO commended Malta for its efforts in handling the pandemic so far

As early as March 28th, Malta was being hailed by the World Health Organisation as a case study in how to control the disease. “Congratulations for the public health measures,” the WHO’s Europe Regional Director Hans Kluge tweeted back on that spring evening. “Malta is on the right track, and an example to follow”.

Numbers to date are much lower than initially predicted.

At the onset of COVID-19, many predicted a catastrophic number of cases locally. Although there’s absolutely no downplaying the harsh reality of the pandemic, lives were tragically lost, and people did get ill, the figures were much lower than initially predicted.

Both Air Malta and MIA airport are taking extensive precautions.

Air Malta has invested an immense amount of research into how to operate safely, from HEPA filters to COVID friendly onboard menus, and refreshing staff training. You can read more about precautions here. Malta International Airport has also invested heavily in technology to safeguard travelers, and not to mention additional cleaning measures.

Rules on the island

If you love to try sumptuous new food when on holiday- fear not, restaurants and quaint cafes are open. Restaurants are abiding by a 2-meter distance between tables and a maximum number of covers. Preferably book your spot beforehand, since spaces are limited. Staff is adhering to strict cleaning regimes, and Malta’s hospitality industry is doing its best to take care of both staff and customers.

Places of interest such as museums are also open, with safety precautions in place. It’s best to look up a particular spot and contact them to find out the guidelines they are adopting.

There’s so much to do- away from people!

From secluded rocky coves, sunset picnics, to SUP paddleboarding- Malta’s an ideal destination for getting off the beaten track and discovering those hidden gems. Take a good look through our blog posts, ranging from seaside strolls to top watersports to try- there’s no shortage of fantastic things to try.

There’s every reason to put Malta at the top of your travel bucket list, from a wealth of incredible history to sensational gastronomy and clear blue skies, spend your next holiday in the Maltese islands!