Comino offers a glorious day out, and a visit to Blue Lagoon is a must-do during your holidays in Malta. Follow our tips to plan your perfect day trip!

So, if you have booked your flights to Malta, one can be pretty sure a visit to the picture-perfect Blue Lagoon is high on the things-to-do-in-Malta list for the masses. Since Blue Lagoon is situated just off Malta on the baby sister island of Comino (you may see it written as Kemmuna in Maltese), getting there requires some planning. But worry not, we are here today to share with you our top tips on how to make the most out of a day trip to Blue Lagoon!

blue lagoon malta

Check the weather!

Comino water taxis can cancel trips last minute if the weather is set to be bad. Don’t take any chances on a gloomy day! 

Pack, pack and pack!

While there are a handful of food kiosks, there are no shops in Blue Lagoon, so ensuring you are stocked up with the essentials is paramount for a successful day trip. Sun cream, towels, hats, toys for the kids, plenty of water and snacks. Make sure your beach bag is full to the brim! 

Allow Time

Going to Comino requires some efficient time planning. If you are staying in the South of Malta, factor in the travel time to the closest departure points to Comino on the island, mainly Sliema, Buġibba and Mellieħa. If you’re taking a general boat trip rather than a private one, be sure you go early. Past 9 am the likelihood of being able to hire sunbeds and an umbrella at Blue Lagoon are next to none. There is little to no shade to be had without an umbrella!

Know the schedule!

The crossing to Comino takes around 25 minutes and costs around 10 Euro for a round trip. After choosing which departure point and boat company, make sure you know the exact time of the last departure from Comino for the same company you left with, as after the last boat leaves- there is really no way back until the morning!

Food Glorious Food

If you don’t plan on taking food with you to Comino, rest assured plenty of fast food vans crop up around the Blue Lagoon at lunchtime (make sure you have cash on you- there are no ATMs on the island). There’s also a healthier option of a fruit salad kiosk and a place to pick up a fresh pineapple for the classic Blue Lagoon photo!

pineapple cocktail in blue lagoon

What to do?

Once you are there relaxing under the warm rays, you can chill out on the rocky coves and go for a dip in the iridescent waters. Snorkelling is also popular in the Blue Lagoon. Make sure you take a waterproof camera with you, and you’ll be amazed as the light and reflections make for some truly exceptional photos!

Take Care!

Stay well within the swimming zone; during the peak months Blue Lagoon becomes very busy with boat traffic. Keep an eye on the safety flags, respect the lifeguards and don’t be tempted to jump off any cliffs!
Comino offers a glorious day out, and a visit to the Blue Lagoon is a must-do during your holidays in Malta

Haven’t booked your trip to Malta yet? Lucky for you, September and October continue to offer pleasant and warm temperatures across the Maltese Islands, allowing you to explore the dazzling Blue Lagoon with fewer crowds! Book your flights to Malta now!