Whilst Malta is famous for its beaches, historic cities and parties, head off the beaten track to explore these wonderful hidden locations. Learn more!

If you are considering booking flights to Malta this year, you might be making a list in your head of the best places to visit. But there is so much more to see of Malta than the usual tourist locations. Whilst the island is famous for its beautiful beaches, historic cities and sites, and the bustling areas of St Julian’s and Paceville, you need to head off the beaten track to get a proper idea of the real Malta. Once you do this, you will discover a whole wealth of hidden locations in Malta just waiting to be explored, photographed, and appreciated.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. From picturesque fishing villages, to hidden bays and fascinating backstreets, here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Kalanka, Marsaxlokk

Hidden locations in Malta

Kalanka is a truly hidden gem. Located in the south of Malta, a couple of kilometres from the seaside town of Marsaxlokk, it is a secluded and picturesque bay. With smooth, white rocks leading down to the water, and crystal blue waters that are perfect for swimming, Kalanka is a wonderful location for a relaxing day at the beach. You won’t find many tourists here, instead you will find lots of Maltese relaxing with friends, having BBQs and soaking up the sun in this idyllic location.


Hidden locations in Malta

This sleepy fishing village, located in the south, is a must see for any visitor to Malta. Its bay is full of brightly painted, traditional fishing boats, and its promenade is home to some of the islands best fish restaurants. If you do decide to visit Marsaskala, you’ll find an array of great places to eat and relax with a drink. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can explore the beautiful coastline. Some of the main points of interest include the picturesque St. Thomas’s Bay and Zonqor Point.

The Back Streets of Valletta

Hidden locations in Malta

Ok, so the capital city can hardly be described as hidden, but if you navigate away from the main streets and take to exploring its cool, shady, and winding backstreets, you will be in for a wonderful surprise. Small boutiques, local craft shops, and secluded bars and cafes are all there for the taking and will offer a much more traditional experience than the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets. Look out for traditional Maltese signs, shrines to Mary on each corner, and brightly painted doors and balconies offering some truly Instagram-perfect moments.

These are just a couple of ideas for you, should you wish to explore a bit of the hidden locations in Malta. These gems are three of many that are just waiting for you to explore them!