You may consider yourself eco friendly at home, but are you the same when you travel? Here’s some great ways to go green in Malta!

You know the statistics, you’ve been shocked by the photos of mounds of plastic, or sea animals trapped by plastic bags. You’re likely to be as motivated as we are to reduce your plastic waste and discover new and exciting plastic-free alternatives. But how about when you travel? It can be tricky to be mindful when overseas, so here’s a few pointers on how you can green up your visit to   Malta

Don’t leave rubbish at the beach

Waste sorting bins

Image courtesy of The Times of Malta

Many NGO’S have made this their top priority, and it’s not hard to see why. Malta has suffered as the result of immense carelessness with rubbish being left behind. It’s easy to spot the right bins to recycle. The colourful waste separation bins found at many beaches now also have coloured waste bags to make identification of the appropriate bin more accessible, and new recycling bins have been implemented at Golden Bay and Għadira Bay. So, if you are planning to go to the beach, please make sure you take all of your waste with you, including cigarette butts!

Say no to plastic

Paper straws

Use reusable bags instead of plastic ones when shopping. Replace throwaway water bottles with a sturdy refillable one. (You can also fill your water bottle in the departures lounge at the airport from the water fountains). Take a reusable cup for coffee and tea. Say no to plastic straws if offered.

Conserve water and electricity

Showers over baths

Remember to be thoughtful and turn off lights when not in use and do your best to shower as opposed to having a bath. It is well-known showers use far less water than baths. It sounds obvious, but unfortunately, many people are not as resourceful as they would be at home when staying in hotels or holiday apartments.

Support local

Source local produce

Whether it’s a traditional Maltese restaurant offering the best in local cuisine, or Ta Qali farmer’s market where you can find the freshest local produce, the Maltese islands have plenty to offer. Choose souvenirs that have been made on the island, local wines, carob syrup, olives and honey make for great gifts! It’s when you start looking for the local wares you will find what makes Malta so truly special and unique. For non-perishable items, keep your eyes peeled for filigree (Maltese silverwork) or handmade candles and soaps, all of which make lovely gifts.

Refill your water

WaterPoint dispenser

Image courtesy of WaterPoint official Facebook Page

Dotted around Malta, you can find water stations where for a minimal fee you can refill large bottles/containers of water. Look out for “Water Point” stations. Rest assured you are filling them with cold, filtered water that is safe to drink and tastes good. Not only is this initiative sustainable, you’ll also save money.

If you are wondering where to catch a station, there are currently nine different refilling stations around the island:

1.    Mellieha (behind Munchies)

2.    Paceville, St Julians (opposite Vivaldi Hotel)

3.    Iklin (Higher Secondary School)

4.    Balzan Centre

5.    San Gwann (next to the Bocci Club)

6.    Gzira Petrol Station (near Manoel Island)

7.    Msida Circus

8.    Airport Petrol Station

9.    Marsaxlokk (tourist office)

On top of that, if you are worried about your carbon footprint, have you heard about Air Malta’s neo planes? Take a look here. So if you are keen to be green, spread the word by sharing this post, tell your family and friends, have fun and let’s keep the message positive on how we can reduce plastic in our daily lives, especially when we travel!

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