There’s plenty of e-scooters to hire dotted around Malta’s seaside towns. Let us tell you all you need to know about riding an e-scooter on the island!

You may have noticed the popular scooter trend sweeping across Europe- well Malta is no exception! 

If you’ve booked flights to Malta, the good news is that there’s plenty of electric scooters to hire dotted around the seaside towns waiting. While the notion of nipping around with ease may seem like a great way to see the sights, did you know Malta has recently introduced rules on the matter? Let us tell you all you need to know about riding an e-scooter around the Maltese islands.

e-scooters malta

What happened?

Last month, proposed new measures were put forward by Transport Minister Ian Borg, who said that the number of e-scooters on Malta’s roads had escalated in recent months. He said there needed to be a balance between encouraging their use and public safety.

Dr Borg added: ‘When you have a vehicle that can go at speed, it’s important to have it supplied with head and tail-lights. I cannot understand how anyone zooming along at 40km/hr can expect not to be equipped with basics like lights, for example.’

Safety in mind

The minimum age requirement to drive a scooter will be 18 years of age, and all scooters will need to be equipped with efficient headlights and rear lamps. If you are thinking of scooting home, make sure you also wear a high visibility vest. Helmet use isn’t mandatory, though highly recommended by the authorities.

What’s the top speed?

The maximum speed allowed on promenades and pavements will be restricted to 10km/hr. A 20km/hr limit will be permitted within most urban streets and cycle paths, but make sure you check your area before you scoot off into the horizon. If you’re caught speeding, you could face a fine or penalty points on your licence, just like a car. Just like drivers and motorcyclists, scooter riders will have to follow all the standard rules of the road. Equally, you cannot drive under the influence.

Where can’t you go?

It’s essential to know your route, so you do not end up somewhere prohibited. On top of this, all scooter riders will be banned from using your scooter on main arterial roads, such as the Coast or Valley Road. You also won’t be permitted to ride through the tunnels.

With the implementation of this new legislation after a recent open consultation period, make sure you keep on top of the news in Malta and stay on the right side of the law during your holidays in Malta. Once you are all set and ready to go, make a fantastic itinerary of where to head- Why not start with the seaside towns like Sliema or St.Julians?