Rugged coastline, pristine clear seas, unspoilt countryside and charming villages- that’s Gozo for you. Explore the best photo locations around Gozo here!

With its rugged coastline, pristine clear seas, unspoilt countryside and charming villages, it’s not hard to understand why the sister island of Malta, Gozo, has attracted the attention of so many filmmakers and fashion designers throughout the years. 

So, one thing’s for sure: if you are planning a visit to Gozo during your holidays in Malta, don’t forget to pack your camera! These are our top picks on the most photogenic spots around Gozo!

The glittering night sky


dwejra at night

If you are one for night photography, the night sky at Dwejra is merely remarkable. As Gozo is such a small island with an undeveloped coastline, it provides stargazers and astronomers with the opportunity to capture starlit skies over open seas. Without harsh light pollution, it’s easy to spot well-known constellations and if you are lucky- the occasional shooting star!

The incredible sunset


xlendi sunset

Nestled on the South-Westerly coast of Gozo is the bustling bay of Xlendi. Xlendi is a well-loved seaside resort for locals and visitors alike, with an abundance of restaurants for a quick bite to eat, especially fresh fish dishes. There’s also another reason Xlendi is famous, and that’s for its mesmerizing sunset! Try your best to capture a Xlendi sunset!

The endless views


cittadella views

Rising sharply in the centre of Gozo is the Cittadella. After an extensive five-year renovation, the Cittadella is a walled fortress right in the heart of Victoria. Meander through the alleyways, pass many Medieval and Baroque buildings, and reach the top- you’re in for some breath-taking views across Gozo.

Watching the world go by 


victoria square

Sit in the square of Victoria, grab a coffee and the traditional Maltese pastizzi and capture the true essence of everyday Gozitan life.  If your photography style is more documentary, this is also the place for you. Expect market traders selling their wares, to the locals running their errands. And the odd cat.

The natural wonder

Wied Il-Ghasri

wied il ghasri

Did you know Gozo has its own stunning natural wonder, the Ghasri Valley? Translated to “Wied Il-Ghasri” in Maltese, the beautiful creek is a lovely place for a walk amongst nature. If you are feeling adventurous, why not hire a kayak for a totally different perspective?

A taste of times gone by

Qbajjar Salt Pans

qbajjar salt pans

Sitting next to the town of Marsalforn, the coast is highlighted by a checkerboard of rock-cut saltpans jutting into the sea. These 350-year-old salt pans, which stretch around 3km along the coast, aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They form part of the centuries-old Gozitan tradition of sea-salt production. The salt pans provide an unusual landscape, definitely worth snapping!

There’s an abundance of beautiful spots to capture in Gozo, though the beauty lies in roaming around and finding your own picture-perfect spots! What will you discover?

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