Try out some scrumptious Maltese desserts whilst visiting the islands. Here’s my list of top 5 desserts. Discover more.

If you’ve booked your flights to Malta this year, don’t let your inner foodie down. Give Maltese cuisine a try and don’t miss out on the islands’ tasty desserts. Here’s my list of top 5 desserts the islands have to offer.

1.Imqaret / Date Cakes 

Date cakes, known locally as Imqaret, are traditional Maltese treats made with sweet pastry and a scrumptious date filling. These little cakes are a personal favourite of mine. The rectangular- shaped sweets are commonly sold in village feasts, street markets and outside the entrance of Malta’s capital city Valletta. During the winter, you might also find these delicous snacks sold at the side of main roads from little carts – a perfect treat after finishing a long day at work! Although, their crispy pastry and luscious filling is enough to tingle your tastebuds, I personally think that they’re simply devine when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

2. Maltese Trifle

Strawberry jelly, fruit, chocolate pudding, sponge and custard- a lovely combination. I’ve luckily had the opportunity to sample numerous versions of this cold layered dessert, which has led me to believe that most Maltese families have their own flavoursome recipe.

3. Kannoli Tal-Irkotta- Maltese Canoli

Similar to their Sicilian cousins, Maltese Canoli are as equally delicious and addictive. These thick pastry shells are filled with heavenly sweet ricotta. You’ll find variations of ingredients used to make these treats extra delicous. Many traditional pastry chefs often add a mix of chocolate, chopped nuts and glacee cherries to make them tastier.

4. Qaghaq tal- Ghasel- Maltese Honey Rings

Maltese Honey Rings  AirMalta

Although the literal translation for these Ring-shaped desserts, are ‘Honey Rings’ there is no honey present in the filling or the pastry. The main ingredient is treacle. The crunchy biscuity pastry together with the moist treacle filling is great when complemented with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

5. Torta Tal-Lewz – Almond Cake 

Truly a Maltese treat, this well-known cake consists of several Mediterranean ingredients, such as almonds, honey and orange rinds. Popularly served during feasts, weddings and other celebrations this cake is definitely worth trying when in Malta. It’s outer layer consists of pastry, whilst inside it’s moist, nutty and brimming with flavour. 

Scrumptious, delicious and truly Mediterranean – these wonderful treats are definitely worth trying once you’re visiting the islands. What’s your favourite Maltese dessert?