Malta is a very small island when compared to the rest of the world, however the vast choice of activities to participate in all year round are endless.


Malta is a very small island, however the vast choice of activities to participate in all year round are endless. Although Winter may be considered a quieter season on the island when compared to the hustle and bustle of an action-packed Summer, there is still so much to do.

If you’re visiting Malta this Winter, here’s a list of ten interesting and exciting activities for you to enjoy: 

  • Visit the Maltese family-friendly museums and learn more about the eventful history of Malta. Malta has over thirty museums around the islands covering different topics and eras. Whether interested in visiting the Neolithic Temples, learning about the history of Maltese maritime, exploring Malta’s amazing prehistoric caves or taking a trip to Gozo to visit the Maltese Folklore museum, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Keep your kids entertained whilst on holiday in Malta. If the above mentioned museums aren’t enough to keep your children occupied, then Popeye Village is just the thing. Originally a film set for the 1980 production of Popeye, the fantasy town is complete with quaint fishing boats and old mariners’ houses, all set into a sheer cliff overlooking the sea with plenty of attractions to keep kids and adults alike occupied for a day.

  • If you’re more of an explorer, then an off-road adventure in Gozo may be just the thing to experience amongst friends and family. Break free from the typical tourist attractions and follow nothing but a map and your instinct as you ride over Gozo’s rugged terrain, navigating from one location to the next. For the less intrepid, a village to village jaunt is the ideal. Drive along the country roads connecting Gozo’s small towns and villages and just stop wherever you see something that grabs your attention. 
  • If museums aren’t for you and you prefer doing something more adventurous with the family, grab a bicycle or rent one out from one of the many bicycle rental outlets in Malta and take a bike ride around the island. Malta has some great bicycle trails and routes which many cyclists follow. You may even join one of the groups, that cycle weekly, on one of their routes.
  • Malta has some great locations for horse riding, along the coasts, through the fields and through the woodlands. Whether you and your family are novices or seasoned riders, sessions may be booked as free riding, a tour, or a lesson, all of which include accompaniment with a trained instructor. Rides usually last between 30 minutes to an hour at affordable rates, which are at a reduced prices for kids.

  • If you’re an animal lover at heart, you might want to check out the Ta’ Qali Petting Farm which has a variety of small animals and creatures to really warm the heart of a true animal lover. With many small animals there it will be hard for any animal lover to walk away from the farm without a smile on their face.
  • You may also take a trip around Valletta or Mdina to see the fortifications. The current Capital and ex-Capital of Malta are both fortified cities built by the knights, which display great architecture and design skills. A walk around either of the cities and you will see various building styles from different eras of Malta’s history. the fortifications offer great look out points to get your bearings and see the island from a higher perspective.


  • Big tip for the sports lover: keep an eye out for the Malta Rugby games usually held on Sundays. Malta often holds games against foreign teams which can be quite action-packed. Rivalry-filled local matches are just as exciting to watch and are definitely an experience not to be missed.  
  • If you are more of a night prowler, check out St.Julians and Paceville which booms with nightclubs and bars throughout the night. If clubbing isn’t what you’re looking for there are many restaurants all located in central St.Julian’s which have a great variety of food. During the day time, St.Julian’s is dominated by students attending English language schools in the area, shopaholics and people heading to work at the offices located around the town.

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Randon

Interested in any of the above activities? Why not take a weekend break and book a flight to Malta? With so much to do, you are sure to go home satisfied.