Dayna Camilleri Clarke caught up with renowned yoga teacher Isabelle Muscat from Charis Health and Holistic Wellness, to discuss her journey into yoga, and why Malta makes the perfect destination for a yoga getaway.

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Isabelle Muscat

Hi Isabelle, how did you start your journey into yoga?

I introduced myself to the world of Health and Holistic Wellness when I was faced with difficult life challenges way back in 2007.  My passion for the subject continued to evolve when I met a special Reiki Master who mentored me into energy healing.  My life followed another direction after going through the separation process, and my father was diagnosed with cancer.  The challenges and emotional turmoil during this time were high. Still, gratefully I was given an opportunity to visit Bali and meet a fantastic Guru, namely Prabhu Darmayasa from the Divine Live Society in Indonesia, Bali in 2011, where I was introduced to the art of Angka Meditation.

After this transformational visit, I expanded my knowledge in Mindfulness, which led me to develop further in the practice of Traditional Yoga.  I developed further specialisations, in Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candle Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Therapeutic Massage and Thai Yoga Massage.

What led you to become a qualified yoga teacher?

I had been dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher since I visited Bali in 2011, a long-time dream which has finally become a reality.  Yoga has been one of my passions since then as it fit in perfectly with what I believe, that of finding peace within through Pranayama (Breathing), Yoga Postures (Asana) and meditation, and there was no better teaching for my calling than the traditional yoga practice.

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What is yoga in Malta like?

When I visited Bali, yoga in Malta was slowly increasing in popularity, with a few studios mainly in the Central Region of Malta and Gozo, which is also a beautiful place to practice this beautiful art.  Yoga in the South of Malta is slowly becoming popular, and this is another reason that led me to make the teacher training become a reality- so that I can give classes in Zejtun. The pretty rural village has become my new home.

How can one get involved with yoga in Malta?

In Malta, one can find different studios and classes available, most of them can be found online or through their websites.  First, one has to decide which locality they wish to visit and secondly the kind of yoga flow desired.

Why do you believe the Maltese islands are an excellent place for Yoga enthusiasts?

Ou islands have an abundance of beautiful energy and unique spots attracting many energy gurus who come yearly to enjoy these vibrations.  Yoga enthusiasts usually look for islands enjoying sun, sea, temples and their own culture, so why not Malta?

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Can you share some top spots where one can practice within the Maltese islands?

In my opinion, the top spots are Munxar Path (South Area), l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha (North), Buskett (North), Comino and Mgarr ix-Xini in Gozo.  However, there are several other spots one can enjoy both in Malta and in our sister island of Gozo.   

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