Tel Aviv is a Mediterranean gem buzzing with life, culture and endless activities.Read our tips for first-time visitors to this vibrant, cosmopolitan city!

Did you know that Air Malta is flying directly to Tel Aviv? If you fancy jetting off to somewhere a little different this year then this Mediterranean gem could be just what you are looking for.

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is the financial and tech hub of the area, but it is also extremely popular with tourists for a variety of reasons. So here are a few tips for first-time visitors to this fascinating metropolis.
Tel Aviv beaches

When to visit and for how long?

The best time to visit Tel Aviv is during the spring or the autumn as the temperatures are warm, but not too hot. During these times you can expect pleasant temperatures and sunshine pretty much every day. You need at least 3 days to really get a feel of what the city has to offer, so it is the perfect destination for a weekend break or a short getaway depending on your schedule. 

Getting around

old city Tel Aviv

When it comes to getting around, you will be pleased to know that walking is a very popular way of seeing the city. It is quite small and flat when compared to other big cities and you can reach most places on foot. It is also a great location for cycling and you can rent bikes from the street on a day-by-day basis.


When it comes to languages, you will discover that most signs and public notices are in English, Hebrew and Arabic. English is widely spoken and when it comes to shopping, eating out, or even communicating with a bus driver, you should be able to get by just fine.


Tel Aviv markets

The currency in Tel Aviv is the “shekel” and both cash and cards are common methods of payment. Shekels come in 20, 50, 100, and 200 note denominations and the coins are 1, 2, 5, and 10. Some places accept Euros but you should come prepared and well stocked up with the local currency. If you’re up for some shopping, you should know that with the various markets available, all with brightly-coloured stalls, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Be aware that Tel Aviv is not a very cheap city and you should expect to pay Western European prices for pretty much everything.


Be aware that there are no trains or buses during the weekends so try to avoid planning any long-distance trips unless you are willing to pay for taxis all the time. Still, be warned that taxis that run during these times will charge around 10 times the going rate. Also be prepared to be searched and scanned as you pass through various public spaces. Upon entering supermarkets, theatres, shopping centres, and public transport hubs, it is a usual procedure to pass through a security check. Don’t be alarmed, this is just a standard safety procedure!

tips for Tel Aviv

Overall, Tel Aviv is a truly wonderful place- bustling with culture, life, interesting people and things to see, do, and experience. From fascinating museums to colourful markets, from a lively clubbing scene to pristine beaches, Tel Aviv ticks all the boxes. So what are you waiting for? Book flights to Tel Aviv and unwind in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city!