Summer in Malta is the perfect time to celebrate the diverse selection of wines produced on the islands. Discover more…

Local wines from Malta and Gozo  are a real treat for the senses. With such a diverse selection of different flavours, tastes and smells, they really are something to be celebrated. It’s no wonder that there are three wine festivals in the summer dedicated to these extremely fresh and uplifting wines. Book your flights to Malta   now to experience the fantastic events.

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival

Running from the 15th to 17th July, this wine festival is in its 9th year. Over the years it has become a symbol of the summer months in Malta. The festival is held in the picturesque Hastings Gardens   in Valletta and offers some fantastic views of Sliema Harbour as well as over 30 local wines for you to try. Why not check out some of the bands that will be playing there too? Throughout the 3 days, 8 local acts such as Airport Impressions and The Voyage will be performing different genres of music at the festival. There will also be a plethora of food vendors at the festival for you to indulge in.

Photo courtesy of Marsovin’s Facebook Page

The Delicata Classic Wine Festival (Malta)

This festival, now in its 15th year, will be running from 4th – 7th August. Held in the evening, from 7pm onwards, when the temperature starts to cool down to a very comfortable temperature, it offers a very relaxed atmosphere. Held at the Upper Barrakka Gardens   in Valletta, this event combines elements of sophistication from both the beautiful location and the 20 plus types of local wines on offer. Local bands, such as Red Electrick and Planet Seed, will also be playing throughout the festival to offer some light entertainment. No festival would be complete without food, which can be found here in excess; everything from local Maltese cuisine to seafood to international dishes.

Photo courtesy of Delicata’s Facebook Page

The Delicata Classic Wine Festival (Gozo)

This will be held slightly later in the month of August from 19th – 21st and is also in its 14th year. Located in the small, quiet town of Nadur, this festival sees the town come to life with festivities every year. Enjoy over 20 local wines while taking in the breath-taking views of Malta and Comino   from the Nadur Valley. Much like the other wine festivals there will be Maltese and Gozitan bands playing and delectable cuisine prepared by Gozo’s finest caterers.


Wine festivals on summer nights in Malta and Gozo offer the perfect opportunity to relax with a glass of wine, listen to some great music and choose from a variety of local cuisine. For more information on these events, check out the Facebook pages for Marsovin  and Delicata.

Photos courtesy of Delicata and Marsovin Facebook pages