Between 28th February-5th March 2019, the Maltese islands will come alive with a truly unique event- Malta Carnival 2019. Discover what awaits you!

What are you doing between 28th of February and the 5th of March 2019? During this week, the Maltese islands will come alive with a truly unique event- Il-Karnival ta’ Malta

Celebrating the carnival is a yearly tradition on the island. In fact, it is one of the oldest traditions in Malta, with its history being documented for no less than five centuries, dating back to the Knights of St John’s occupancy of the islands! Celebrations take place across the island with Valletta and Gozo being the hub of all the fun. This is your Air Malta guide to Malta’s most colourful event of the year!

What to expect?

Malta Carnival 2019

Each day of the event, the community gets together and celebrates all over the country creating a truly enthralling atmosphere. Not only are there magical costumes and upbeat dances for you to sit back and enjoy, but an incredible fantasy world is created in the streets: artistic and satirical floats, workshops, modern art and music, keeping the festival spirit alive for six whole days.

Who can join in?

The Maltese carnival is about bringing people together-  young, old, Maltese, foreign, and individuals from every walk of life.  One of the main aims of the event is to promote a healthy and collaborative community event where everyone can let their hair down, socialize and have a blast. 

Malta Carnival 2019

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During the week, a lot of fun events all around Valletta will take place allowing you and your loved ones to make memories, learn new things, and participate in a range of educational experiences.  

What about Gozo?

For those that are a little more ‘young at heart’, a trip to Gozo during the Carnival is an absolute must-do. Thousands of revellers make the 20-minute ferry ride from Malta to Gozo and descend on the smaller sister island for a week of parties and fun. You can check out a range of parties happening at various clubs around the island, or you can rent a property for the week and throw a party of your own. 

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t miss the famous Nadur Carnival party on Saturday night where the whole town flocks to the main square for an over-the-top street party. Expect some extremely funny and possibly controversial costumes!

Il-Karnival ta’ Malta never disappoints and has become one of the most anticipated festivals of every year with a significant role in Maltese culture. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights to Malta now and start preparing your extravagant costume for an unforgettable holiday in Malta!