The festival features everything from theatre and music performances to live cooking demonstrations and chocolate art exhibits. Here’s what’s in store!

A festival dedicated to chocolate? Sign us up! 

If you consider yourself a chocoholic, put Saturday 26th of October 2019 on your diary! The Ħamrun Chocolate Festival is a famous street festival celebrating chocolate in its myriad forms, drawing in plenty of local attention and rightly so! The old town of Ħamrun is just a stone’s throw away from Valletta and it is said (although no official documentation has been found that support this claim) that during the rule of Grand Master Perelos, cocoa beans were stored in Ħamrun, specifically in the area known as ‘Tas-Samra’!

Today, it is the most celebrated chocolate event in Malta and features everything from theatre and music performances to live cooking demonstrations and chocolate art exhibits. A highlight for most visitors is the collection of outdoor chocolate sculptures. Between all the chocolate used in the artwork and all the chocolate being sold by vendors outdoors, if the weather is warm, you won’t be able to walk through the town without inhaling the irresistible chocolate aroma wafting through the air!

Marvel at the utmost creativity

This year visitors can embrace a variety of chocolate-themed events, including an interactive chocolate story by the Malta Institute of Tourism Studies as well as a chocolate centrepiece competition. There will also be chocolate body painting and tattoos, cocoa painting and chocolate canvas painting up for the taking! You can expect to encounter all of this and much more to the soundtrack of numerous local bands throughout St. Joseph High Street.

Stock up on sweet treats

Of course, plenty of top chocolatiers will be selling their delicious, beautiful wares so that you can take plenty of chocolate away for your sweet-toothed friends.  No doubt there will also be plenty of chocolate surprises in store; in previous years one could find everything from chocolate-flavoured chilli’s, crepes, cannoli, to chocolate wine! Last year chocoholics were stunned with an incredible chocolate replica model of RMS Titanic!

titanic made of chocolate

Image Copyright: Exploring Malta

Brush up on your chocolate knowledge

With so many experts in the area, the festival is also your chance to brush up on your chocolate knowledge. Chocolate’s role in a healthy and balanced diet is also given a prominent place at the event, as well as fair trade produce. 

So, whether it’s trying something new or tasting an old chocolate favourite, the Ħamrun Chocolate Festival has something for everyone. And because so many people around the world are so passionate about chocolate, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Chocolate Festival draws countless of visitors from all corners of the world too. The only question left to ask is: Will you be one of them? 

Apart from getting to indulge in all things chocolate at the Ħamrun Chocolate Festival, plenty of other activities and experiences await you this Autumn during your holidays in Malta. Take advantage of the warm weather with a dip in the clear Maltese waters, immerse in Malta’s historical cities, attend one of the many events on Malta’s cultural calendar, all while satiating your taste buds with the best of Maltese cuisine

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