The President’s fun run is a yearly activity organised by the President to get funds for people with special needs. I decided to participate in last year’s fun run.

President’s Charity Fun Run

I am well known amongst my friends as the non-athletic type. So when adverts promoting the President’s Charity Fun Run cropped up; I was a bit hesitant at first and yet intrigued to challenge myself to participate.  When push came to shove, I completely committed myself and dragged my friends to join in the fun. Much hilarity and fun pursued as I worked out every day, walking at least an hour daily.

Held on a beautiful sunny day on December 2nd, the Fun Run or Walk was organised with the scope of raising funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund. Kicking off from San Anton Palace, we proceeded down towards the Birkirkara Bus Terminus and then to Santa Venera and downwards towards Ħamrun and ending in Valletta.

At the walk, I met a myriad of characters, most of them doing the run/walk for personal reasons and others out of generosity and national unity for a good cause.  In the end, there was a lot of laughter as the sun shone brightly providing us with the perfect setting for a day out.

What I enjoyed the most about this experience though was the warmth that the people I encountered displayed. There were no awkward silences as I chatted along and felt like I was part of one big family. I forgot for a while that I am a foreigner and truly felt like I was home.  

Author: Sabine Jung