The Festa Frawli is an annual strawberry festival that takes place in Malta. Discover more about this popular festival.

Spring is in the air and the strawberry season is here! What better way to celebrate this time than to attend the annual strawberry festival in Malta, better known as ‘Festa Frawli‘?  

The festival, now in its 9th year, is very popular among the Maltese and takes place in the main square outside the Parish Church in Mġarr, an agricultural village on the north side of the island.  Mġarr is renowned for its excellent quality strawberries, which boast a unique sweet taste. As the festival approaches the Mgarr locals eagerly prepare for the much awaited event. Thousands of strawberries are picked, prepared and packed. Children rehearse for performances to be staged on the church square and attractive stalls are set up to welcome Maltese visitors and foreigners alike. 

Festa Frawli Malta

Due to the the high amount of strawberries sold on the day of the event, fresh strawberries are constantly brought over by local farmers to the main square in Mġarr, so that a fresh supply of strawberries is available throughout the whole day.  However, fresh strawberries are not the only thing on sale at the Festa Frawli, as you can also find a range of strawberry-inspired desserts such as jam, ice cream, cheesecake, cake, smoothies and milkshakes. At the festival you can even purchase wine made out of strawberries as well as strawberry risotto and ravioli with a strawberry sauce!

strawberry festival Malta

There is also plenty of traditional Maltese entertainment throughout the day with folk groups playing traditional Maltese instruments, such as iż-żaqq (Maltese bagpipes), it-tambur (Maltese tambourine) and il-flejguta (Maltese folk flute).

The Festa Frawli will take place on Sunday 19th April 2015 from 10am till 5pm.  There will be a park and ride service from Ta’ Qali during the day. 

The event is an outing for all the family to enjoy. Here’s a video of what went at last year’s Festa! Hope to see you there!  

Author: Sabine Jung