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The Maltese Government contracts Pakistan International Airlines to help setup Air Malta

March 1974

First touchdown of Air Malta aircraft

31st March 1974

Inauguration of Air Malta

1st April 1974

First Air Malta flight departures to London and Rome

Passengers onboard
Air Malta flights have
eaten enough food to feed

19 blue whales

for a year

30th March 1982

Air Malta orders its first brand new aircraft

30th March 1983

Air Malta receives first Boeing 737-200 (10th year anniversary)

October 1983

Air Malta achieves world record for the highest utilisation of Boeing fleet

December 1985

First Air Malta captains

9th February 1987

Air Malta orders first Airbus 320

12th December 1989

New livery for Air Malta unveiled

Air Malta flew

855 times

to the moon and back

27th May 1990

Pope John Paul on Air Malta

30th August 1990

First Airbus delivery

March 1993

Delivery of first Boeing 737-300
(20th year anniversary)

6th June 1996

Arrival Of the 10 millionth passenger on Air Malta's UK routes

27th August 1996

Air Malta launches website

8th March 1997

Captain Marthese Desira heads first 'all women crew flight'

Number of aircraft used



9th May 2001

Pope John Paul II flies again on Air Malta

18th June 2002

Lufthansa Technik agreement signing

5th July 2002

Air Malta concludes multi-million dollar agreement to change aircraft fleet

11th January 2003

Lufthansa Technik inauguration

17th January 2004

New Airbus fleet inaugurated

25th July 2006

Air Malta launches in-flight entertainment

19th October 2006

Air Malta call centre (Centrecom) inaugurated

4th April 2008

Air Malta bids farewell to the staunch Boeing fleet

11th Dec 2008

Air Malta operates humanitarian flight to Lourdes to commemorate its 35th anniversary

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