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Red Bull turns Gozo into a Skatepark

20 November 2013

Gozo is historically and traditionally known to be Malta’s quieter sister island, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Red Bull has recently changed that by putting Gozo in the limelight within the extreme sports scene after Sergio Layos, Liam Eltham and Ben Hannon, all sponsored by the energy drink giant, turned the rocky landscape into their own natural skate park.

One section of the cliffs in Gozo has naturally eroded into some very unique formations. First discovered by local BMX riders in Malta, Sergio, Lima and Ben with fellow film maker Will Evans and photographer George Marshall have exposed this natural phenomenon to the world.


Using their bikes as tent pegs, they camped out beside the historical salt pans and nocturnal fishermen to ride their BMX bikes from dusk till dawn in this unique spot. The footage they have captured is insanely picturesque.

During the interviews the riders state that it felt like a weird place to ride a bike as the spot is typically visited by sight seers and anglers but was definitely one of top spots they had ever ridden in the world. 

“It is the closest thing you can get to a skate park on the beach made out of natural material.” Quoted Liam Eltham. 

They even went as far to say that it was a dream place to film and take photos with cool doorways to carve over, the Mediterranean sea in the background, gorgeous sunsets and finding lines to ride out of nowhere. “It’s natural, it’s nature and we can’t change it. It’s just the way it is!”

You really have to watch the video below to see just how brilliant it all is. 

Images by George Marshall

Video filmed and edited by Will Evans

Red Bull

Author: Sabine Jung

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