The airline of the Maltese Islands

Did You Know?

  • The famous eight-pointed Maltese Cross symbolizes the 8 obligations of the Knights of St John: Truth, faith, repent of sins, humility, justice, merciful, sincere and enduring persecution.
  • Did you know that the Maltese Archipelago covers just over 300 square kilometers collectively?

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Explore the Islands.

What our beautiful Maltese Islands have to offer.

Feels like: Humidity: Wind:
  • 14°C 9°C
    Saturday 2810°C Clear

    Wind: WNW 9 km/h

    Feels Like: 10°C

    Humidity: 87%

  • 14°C 11°C
    Sunday 112°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: NNW 11 km/h

    Humidity: 78%

  • 14°C 12°C
    Monday 213°C Clear

    Wind: WNW 26 km/h

    Humidity: 76%

  • 16°C 13°C
    Tuesday 314°C Clear

    Wind: W 23 km/h

    Humidity: 84%

  • 16°C 13°C
    Wednesday 414°C Clear

    Wind: W 10 km/h

    Humidity: 85%

  • 14°C 9°C
    Thursday 511°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: WNW 35 km/h

    Humidity: 78%

  • 12°C 9°C
    Friday 610°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: NW 39 km/h

    Humidity: 66%

  • 12°C 9°C
    Saturday 710°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: NW 35 km/h

    Humidity: 69%

  • 12°C 9°C
    Sunday 810°C Clear

    Wind: NW 14 km/h

    Humidity: 65%

  • 13°C 10°C
    Monday 911°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: N 18 km/h

    Humidity: 69%

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